We live in a world where we are inundated with products and technologies, where machines have taken a prominent place in our lives and where everything moves at a speed that is far beyond our capabilities. By placing the individual at the heart of the design, we can build a future where technology and machines will sense and respond to their primary purpose: to serve people.

We are designers of interfaces, services and experiences.
We work with Design Thinking methods to design products and services that offer quality experiences to those who use them.

UX (User eXperience) Design and Service Design are intended to help create products, spaces and services that are useful, easy to use and that provide complete satisfaction to those who use them.

UI (User Interface & Interaction) Design focuses on building easy-to-use interfaces. UI Design is one of the tools of UX Design which encompasses many other components as well.

Method Design Thinking utilizes a set of concrete procedures (see toolbox) which allow us to implement an iterative and participatory design process.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

- Steven P. Jobs


Want to create a simple and intuitive product ? Looking to differentiate yourself ? Can not meet your community?

We offer coaching sessions and services at an hourly rate that will fit in your agile process and respect your budget.

Medium Businesses

You want to improve the ergonomics of your product? Your service is overloaded ? You face new competitors ?

We design a specific methodology to answer your problems and work hand in hand with you .

Large Accounts

You have a large project ? You want to ensure its success ? You want to innovate but do not know how?

We offer assistance for a Business Analyst to set your functional specification and design of products / services that make a difference .

Public Services

You want to improve your service offering ? Simplify route your users ? Propose new ways?

We can intervene Support Analyst or Project management to meet your demands.

It’s not about aesthetics and being cool or whatever, it’s about real life - improving real life.

- Hartmut Esslinger

Our clients