Airbus Defence and Space

In the middle of the ocean or in the desert, how do I stay in touch with the world? Airbus Defence & Space provides, via satellites, a network that allows thousands of people in remote communities to stay connected. Reporters, marine, NGOs and the media are the main customers.

Problem to solve

To best serve our customers, Airbus D & S has a Customer Care 24 / 7 support line. This support unit is regularly overloaded because it answers all the questions and has over 40 software applications to do this. During the development phase of the service, much was adapted to the needs of the individual operators though the components were not all consistent with each other. The problem that we had to deal with was listing complete data usage information. Customers, who do not have access to complete information, call Customer Care in shock when they find that their bill is much higher than expected, and these services are far more expensive than ordinary consumer carrier products. Once Costumer Care provides the usage data to the client, it often leads to costly research time needed to identify the overage causes within tables that hold huge amounts of data.







We have redefined the entire operating system for better service. The customer now has complete data about the use of his or her data usage. Data visualization work was done in parallel to present much more readable data to customers and to enable them to better manage data usage. Customer Care therefore no longer needs to be contacted for these inquiries , freeing it to handle more complex tickets.

How we did it

We maintained and observed Customer Care operators in order to understand the challenges of customer demands and the current response procedure. After gathering information from the project team and the operators, we created an interactive prototype to test the future use of the tool. Finally we created a detailed functional model for developers, tested and corrected by operators to ensure the development of an efficient product and to reduce development costs.


The operators had to implement a complex and time-consuming process using several applications to perform their task. The customer report was an array containing hundreds or thousands of lines. A computer can easily integrate this information but it is too complex to process for the human brain. By working on access, content and presentation of information , we improved the quality of service rendered by the Customer Care unit for its clients and allowed them to decrease time spent on processing these requests. ROI is certain.


Big Data / User interface Design (UI)