Lannemezan Hospital

Few know what is happening behind the walls of a mental hospital. How is insanity treated? What is the risk to patients and medical staff? In what kind of buildings are these people housed?

Problem to solve

How do you design a functional building that enables staff to make the most of its activities while still keeping an eye on patients? How do you provide a secure and pleasant living environment for them?


We accompanied the architects giving them the an idea of how the building will be used by the residents. While the contractors provide technical specifications to the architects, we provide them with the human specifications and flow charts so that once developed, the building best serves those who use it.

How we did it

We spent several days with those who will live in the new building. During this time, we observed and interviewed caregivers and patients in order to understand their material, organizational and spatial needs.


We resized a room originally designed for two people (one nurse and a patient). After going over the architectural plans with the users, we concluded that this room would be better utilized for changing of shifts between the morning and afternoon staff (about 15 people). It was based on a proposed plan to monitor patients while working. Without our intervention, the shift changing area would not have been identified and 15 people would have had to use a space made for two.


N.B. : we collaborated with Argenty Ergonomie on this project.






Space Design / User Research