Being an international company and having clients from all around the world, it is not always easy to know the expectations and needs of its customers, yet it is essential data in order to ensure that the best possible services are provided. Imerys Filtration & Performance Additive (F&PA) has contacted us to redesign their website to provide the most current data about current uses, needs and expectations of their clients.

Problem to solve

Imerys F&PA are preparing to carry out an overhaul of many of its international sites, grouping several distinct sites within one, ensuring clarity and efficiency of use within each service. These sites list products sold by the company and provide diverse tools to help meet user needs. Today, users are largely distributors, Imerys products direct customers or students. With little qualitative data on the current use of these sites, it has become essential to carry out an audit of existing sites in order to identify their real needs and major issues.


We have made recommendations for the strategic choices of future site features and ergonomics to improve the user experience. These recommendations have helped to inform decisions upstream from the design of the consolidation of F & PA sites, given their individual interests and constraints.

How we did it?

We initially performed a thorough competitive analysis to identify the major challenges of the sector and the services available to users. We then conducted interviews with 20 distributors and customers from 12 different countries in Europe and the United States, adding user tests with 10 students from France, England and the United States. These interviews and tests helped identify the expectations and the actual needs of each and to prioritize and make concrete recommendations for the design of the future site to satisfy all users.


Distributors and customers regularly need to download technical Imerys products documents. Currently it is necessary to make a request and complete a form in order to download the documentation. Many responses about to this service have emphasized the importance of these technical documents to users and the stress that the current process represents. Distributors and customers usually need immediate technical data when seeking them. Filling out a form and waiting for permission is frustrating. These responses have allowed us to propose a less restrictive and more usable method to download technical data and satisfy user expectation.


User interface Design (UI) / User Research / User testing