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You’ve probably heard of intelligent buildings, which will be more and more in the coming years. An intelligent building is a building that has the ability to act on its status and its environment to provide services and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants . But for this to work it is not enough to have a technology and set up in the habitat , we must also ensure that the people , whoever they are , manage to use it easily. The company Intent Technologies has used our service to help appoint a management software used by the greatest number.

Problem to solve

Intent Technologies provided a unique platform and shared between all the actors of the building (residents, managers, maintenance personnel etc.) to improve the overall management of the building and improve the quality of life of each actor. The technology has been implemented, it is now to design the interface with which all these actors will interact , whatever their computer level. How the data will be shared and used? How to report alerts? How to interact with each other? How to view only the information that interests us from the flow of available data?

Solutions apportées

Design of new HMI , writing guides as functional and graphical development tools.

How did we do ?

We analyzed the functional specification and determined with the project leaders what was the best way to use the tool and share data for each of the actors. We then conducted a detailed functional prototype, and once completed with the whole team , we proposed graphic design of the future application. Finally, we performed functional and graphics guides with future developers to ensure consistency of the product sold in white label.


One of the challenges was to create a tool that allows each user to track all of the changes in its live without being overwhelmed consumer information (consumption evolving every second there may be a large number of data ) and may easily find those for which it is interested immediately. For this we have created a “news feed” by inspiring us with social networks and a system of labels associated with each news. The user can view all the events on consumption that the RSS displays on the main page of the application, and refine their search by clicking on the language of their choice to have the information on the desired subject only. We have also created links to create alerts in one click and provide information on housing lessors very easily (as the failure of an elevator for example).

Extrait de livrable :

UI Design (graphic design by Vincent Viala)



Client testimony


Intent Technologies operates the first operating system for the connected building. Workdesigners helped us throughout the value chain. Thanks to the involvement of the team in the project and ownership of the subject, the exchange was very successful and eventually led to the production of graphical and ergonomic principles we use today on our platform.

Jean Philippe Régnier, Project Manager


Big Data / Smart Building / User interface Design (UI)