A hospital is a separate company. Resource management , expenses, patients, schedules , rooms are all issues that need to be addressed in order to ensure the proper functioning of the hospital and enable health professionals to practice under the best conditions and patients to be best cared for. The company MIPIH is number one in hospital management software in France. They called on us during an overhaul of all of their software components.

Problem to solve

Over time, MIPIH developed several software to meet all hospital management needs. The company now wants to create a portal bringing together the various software elements to bring coherence and consistency to their products. Each tool being used by different actors in different contexts. An employee of a small hospital will use more features than an employee of a university hospital that will be more specialized in a part of the software. The challenge was to create a common portal to all on the one hand and on the other the sense that each has only what is relevant to their needs .


Interviews and field observations in hospitals of different sizes, defined the principle of operation and functional design of the interfaces.

How we did it

We observed different software users in their contexts of use and we spoke with users to gather their needs. We then defined an operating principle based on the diversity of uses to ensure the realization of a product in line with the actual needs of the operators. Finally we realized the functional design of the interfaces by implementing an iterative process with the project team.


Software built several years ago allowed operators to enter alphanumeric codes to access some actions of a module. This is faster and more reliable than input labels. We re-established direct access by code from the portal so that training is facilitated and users can continue to work as they did. Other research methods are also available to satisfy all users with different search strategies. This is the observation and recognition of the diversity of behaviors that allowed us to create an easy to use tool.

Client testimony


Our choice fell on WD because we were seduced by their approach centered on user observation and iterative approach on short cycles. Marion and Emilie, while remaining very professional, knew us build a relationship of trust that facilitated the exchange, and thus creativity. Our economic constraints were also taken into account in the proposal ; which allowed us to realize our project easier. On behalf of MIPIH, I wish to express my gratitude to the availability and effectiveness of WD team.

Fabienne GUILBOT, Product Manager


Software Editor / User interface Design (UI) / User Research