The tourism departement of Tarn just launched its new website designed around the slogan “seduction”. The result is immediate – we’re seduced by the beauty of the landscapes presented and modern look of the site.

Problem to solve

Since the website launched, users have had trouble navigating the site and most importantly, were having even more difficulty making room reservations. The website was too complex for inexperienced computer users. Tarn did not correctly target their demographic: tourists with little or no computer skills.


A complete audit of the site with concrete solutions to allow users of all ages and all abilities to navigate the site with ease and to make reservations easily, having all the necessary information, thus increasing the conversion rate.


How we did it

Study of Tarn Tourism Department marketing data to determine target users. Implementation of tests with three different target demographics of varying proficiency levels to identify challenges in navigating, searching for information and reservations . Creating audit report with concrete solutions based on ergonomic criteria and standards to ensure efficient use for all user proficiency levels.


When someone wants to book a hotel room, they look to virtually tour the location, and find prices based on different room sizes and number of people staying. Only the name of the guest house and rentals were available originally , making the search too difficult and stressful, ultimately causing the user to leave the site and use another reservation service. We highlighted the information necessary to streamline research and allow the user to more easily make reservations.


User interface Design (UI) / User testing