Toulouse-Blagnac Airport

Did you know that the Toulouse Blagnac airport has a smart system for luggage logistics? Over two kilometers of roads, hundreds of sensors , safety controls and dozens of cameras ensure the transfer of your luggage the moment you leave it at their destination drop before boarding your plane. A malfunction of just a few minutes immediately create queues that jam the counters and increasingly impatient passengers. A longer halt can block the departure of a plane and disrupt air traffic. While the technology is advanced it also requires people to oversee and assist that technology.

Problem to solve

How do we refurbish the supervisors’ room? How do we create a world-class airport? And above all, how do we design a video wall monitoring system that ensures the reliability and efficiency of all airport personnel? 


WD redesigned the video wall and security cameras, repositioned and redesigned the supervisors’ room for comfort, reliability and productivity. 

How we did it

We worked around the clock with supervisors to understand their thought processes and those of the system. We utilized strategic thinking in order to reorganize all cameras and views of the working environment, based on the supervisors’ operational logic, challenges, constraints, risks and requirements.


During the observation phase, we noticed that a software alert, that constantly pops up, gives the user information about the status of the system, even when there is no problem. Why not remove it and make it appear only when there is an incident? This alert also benefits the operators by helping to maintain their levels of preparedness and concentration during night shifts. Information gained from this most important phase of speaking with the operators enabled us to determine the true importance of this alert and is in fact critical to system efficiency.

N.B. : we collaborated with Ergonova on this project.


User interface Design (UI) / User Research