When using public transport, one of the user’s most difficult challenges is knowing when the bus, train or tram will arrive. Will I have time to finish my coffee before leaving for the station or will I miss my bus and have to wait aa long time in the cold? Young Entrepreneur wants to save time by allowing users to know the real-time schedules of their transport vehicles. 

Problem to solve

How do we design straightforward interfaces for the greatest number of users? How do we provide quick online access to view schedules? Is it necessary to search by map or by transport line number?


WD defined the strategic vision of the experience from the perspective of the mobile application and service offered. After targeting the users, we designed functional models incorporating micro- features (the details that change everything from different points of use).

How we did it

We started with an immersion phase during which we placed ourselves into the daily routine of public transportation users. We investigated and created a user flowchart to visualize the needs of users during a typical day and the barriers that could prevent the use of the application in order to find the functions that counteract these barriers. We then designed the interfaces of the future application by integrating storytelling for a presentation to a Microsoft competition.


A major obstacle in urban areas is the fear of being robbed of one’s phone. So we designed the app to also provide audio as well as visual feedback to enable users to have the information they need without having to take the phone out of one’s pocket or purse.

Sample of deliverable:




Startup / User Experience Design (UX) / User interface Design (UI)