Examples of past interventions and clients testimonials

User interface Design (UI) / User Research / User testing
Airbus Defence and Space
Big Data / User interface Design (UI)
Space Design / User interface Design (UI) / User Research
Toulouse-Blagnac Airport
User interface Design (UI) / User Research
Startup / User interface Design (UI) / User Research
Intent Technologies
Big Data / Smart Building / User interface Design (UI)
Software Editor / User interface Design (UI) / User Research
Startup / User Experience Design (UX) / User interface Design (UI)
Service Design / Startup / User Research
User interface Design (UI) / User testing
Lannemezan Hospital
Space Design / User Research


WD has helped us throughout the value chain.

Jean Philippe Régnier, Project Manager / Intent Technologies

We have increased our enrollment and our service has become more clear to our users.

Loic Le Clech, CEO / Linkymail

WD's work, done with good vibes and with complete confidence, enabled project leaders to improve their product and its use. They saved us valuable time.

David Duveau, Project Manager / Incubator Midi-Pyrénées

The work done with WD was a leap into the future in terms of what our service can now do for our users.

David Larcher, CEO / Coovia